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We are professional party-ers!

Party Pack have a combined playing history of over 100 years! In 2023, we are celebrating 10 years packing dancefloors across Victoria. 

We play the hits we grew up listening (and dancing) to on the radio and in local venues, with some of the ones we love listening to now thrown in for good measure. 

Jess brings her professional experience of hosting training events to the hosting of your own event and guests. Her powerhouse vocals are witty, funny interactions that bring the energy to every event. 

Jess is backed up by professional musicians who either sing or harmonise too!

Pictured is our main lineup! From left to right, meet Roger, Vic and Jon!  Roger is our co-vocalist, brining classic rock to life with a male voice. And Jon completes three-part harmonies!

We want you to know we make every effort to keep the band together!  But from time to time, we need to switch out the lineup to accommodate holidays and illnesses. We'll let you know if this applies to your event!

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