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Lead Singer

Jess is the powerhouse lead singer of Party Pack Band.


Jess has many years of experience as a lead singer so she brings a wealth of experience and knowledge

Her captivating presence guarantees an unforgettable evening that leaves guests and patrons begging for more!

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Bass and Backing Vocals

Roger lends his talent as our bassist and backing vocalist. 

His years of experience bring depth and richness to our music.

His talent ensures each show is memorable, leaving the audience wanting more of our dynamic sound.


Lead and Backing Vocals 

Monique joins us on stage with her backing vocals and occasional lead vocals, adding depth and harmony to our sound.


And that's not all—she's also a talented musician on acoustic guitar, electric guitar, and keys, bringing a diverse range of musical skills to every performance!

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Guitar and Backing Vocals 

Vic brings his talents to our band as a guitarist and backing vocalist.


With his skilled guitar playing and harmonious backing vocals he enriches our sound with a blend of melody and rhythm that captivates audiences.


Guitar and Backing Vocals

Jeff is one of our guitarists and backing vocalists, bringing his musical talents to every performance.


With his skilled guitar playing and harmonious backing vocals, he enhances our sound with precision and passion.

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Drums and Backing Vocals

Brad brings his talents to our band in the form of drumming and backing vocals

His high energy and audience participation enrich our music, ensuring each performance is dynamic and engaging.


Drums and Backing Vocals

Jon lends his talent as one of our drummers and backing vocalists. 

Jon adds depth and energy to our music, blending seamlessly into our dynamic performances and adding to our ultimate stage presence.

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We'll see you on the dancefloor!

Party Pack is Melbourne’s ULTIMATE cover band playing hits from the 70's, 80's, 90's and today!


With more than 10 years of experience Party Pack’s signature style of dancefloor fillers is what makes them a favourite amongst crowds.

With on-point harmonies, a powerful lead vocalist, dynamite collaborations with the best Melbourne Musicians and a history of captivating both large and small stages across Victoria, we've honed our craft to perfection.

Fantastic as usual - always look forward to having you here.  - The Inkerman Hotel St Kilda

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