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General Booking Terms and Conditions

Explore our Booking Terms and Conditions to understand how we manage engagements for Party Pack Band. These guidelines cover everything from booking confirmation, payment details, to our approach to cancellations, rescheduling, and specific event requirements. Reviewing these terms ensures a seamless collaboration and a fantastic event experience.

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31 December 2024 at 12:45:00 pm

Explore our Booking Terms and Conditions to understand how we manage engagements for Party Pack Band. These guidelines cover everything from booking confirmation, payment details, to our approach to cancellations, rescheduling, and specific event requirements. Reviewing these terms ensures a seamless collaboration and a fantastic event experience.

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The Offer

Understanding and Applying Our Booking Terms and Conditions

When you choose Party Pack Band for your event, we want to ensure the process is transparent, straightforward, and aligned with your expectations. Our Booking Terms and Conditions, available in detail on our website, provide comprehensive guidance on how we manage and execute event engagements from start to finish. Here's how to read and apply these terms for a successful collaboration:

1. Booking Confirmation and Financial Arrangements: Our terms clearly outline the steps to confirm your booking, including deposit requirements, payment schedules, and the methods we accept. Whether you’re making a deposit, paying in full, or opting for a payment plan, these conditions are designed to be flexible while securing your event date with us. Understanding these terms helps avoid any surprises and facilitates smooth financial planning for your event.

2. Performance Logistics and Compliance: We detail the equipment and technical requirements necessary for an outstanding performance, alongside our expectations from the event venue regarding space, power supply, and safety standards. Moreover, adherence to legal and regulatory compliance, including necessary permits and insurance, ensures that your event proceeds without any legal hitches. Familiarizing yourself with these aspects enables you to prepare the venue accordingly and meet any specific performance setup needs.

3. Weather, Safety, and Cancellations: Given the unpredictable nature of events, our terms include provisions for weather contingencies and safety measures, particularly for outdoor events. We also outline a clear cancellation and rescheduling policy, providing peace of mind and options should plans change. Knowing these policies allows for better contingency planning and understanding the financial implications of unforeseen changes.

By reviewing our Booking Terms and Conditions, you're not just preparing for any eventuality; you're ensuring a harmonious and enjoyable event experience for everyone involved. We're here to make your event memorable, and understanding these terms is the first step in creating an unforgettable celebration with Party Pack Band.

The Offer

General Booking Terms and Conditions


Welcome to Party Pack Band's service agreement. This document, alongside our detailed Schedules A through H, outlines the foundational terms for engaging our band for your event. These schedules, accessible on our website, offer in-depth insights into payment plans, cancellation policies, performance logistics, and more, ensuring transparency and mutual understanding.


Confirmation of our services is recognized upon any form of acknowledgment including, but not limited to, signing the contract, making a deposit, or confirming via digital communications. By proceeding, you affirm having reviewed these General Terms and Conditions alongside the relevant Schedules A through H specific to your event’s requirements, as outlined on our website.


All financial arrangements, including deposits, payment schedules, and acceptable payment methods, are detailed within Schedule A: Payment Plans and Options. We encourage reviewing this schedule to understand the flexibility and options available to you.


Our approach to cancellation and rescheduling is designed to accommodate unforeseen changes with minimal stress. Detailed terms, including any applicable fees and the process for rescheduling, can be found in Schedule B: Cancellation and Rescheduling Terms.


To ensure a seamless performance, specific requirements related to equipment, venue specifications, and setup times are laid out in Schedule C: Equipment and Technical Requirements. This schedule provides essential information to prepare the venue for our performance.


Ensuring the legal and safe execution of your event is paramount. Schedule D: Legal and Regulatory Compliance and Schedule E: Weather and Safety Provisions offer comprehensive guidelines to meet all legal obligations and safety standards for both indoor and outdoor events.


For events outside the Melbourne Metropolitan area, travel and accommodation arrangements are a key consideration. Schedules F and G detail the processes and responsibilities related to travel logistics and accommodations, ensuring clear expectations and preparations.


Each schedule (A through H) is designed to provide detailed guidance on various aspects of our engagement, from payment plans to technical requirements and beyond. It’s crucial to review the schedules relevant to your specific event needs, as they form an integral part of our service agreement.

By acknowledging and adhering to these General Terms and Conditions, along with the detailed insights provided in Schedules A through H, we can work together to ensure your event is a resounding success. We are committed to providing an exceptional musical experience and look forward to being a part of your special occasion.


This document and the accompanying schedules on our website constitute the entire agreement regarding Party Pack Band's services for your event. For a detailed understanding of each aspect of our service provisions, we strongly recommend reviewing the relevant schedules.










Schedule D outlines the various payment plans and options available to clients of Party Pack Band, facilitating a range of flexible and convenient methods to cover the costs associated with booking the band for events. This schedule is designed to ensure clarity and ease in the financial arrangements between the band and the client.

D1: Deposit Requirement

  • Initial Deposit: An initial non-refundable deposit of 25% of the total fee or $150, whichever is greater, is required upon the signing of the contract to secure the band’s services for the event date.

  • Purpose: The deposit confirms the booking and contributes towards the reservation of the band's time and preparation for the event.

D2: Payment Plans

  • Standard Plan: The remaining balance after the initial deposit is due 14 days prior to the event date. This single payment concludes the financial obligation to Party Pack Band.

  • Extended Payment Plan: For clients needing more flexibility, an extended payment plan can be arranged, dividing the remaining balance into monthly or bi-monthly installments leading up to the event. Specific terms, including payment intervals and amounts, will be agreed upon in the contract.

D3: Full Payment Upfront

  • Option: Clients have the option to pay the full amount upfront upon signing the contract. This may be preferred for last-minute bookings or by clients who wish to finalize all event expenses in advance.

  • Incentives: Occasionally, incentives or discounts may be offered for choosing this payment option, subject to the band’s current policies and discretion.

D4: Payment Methods

  • Accepted Methods: Party Pack Band accepts payments via bank transfer, credit card, Stripe, or PayPal. Detailed instructions for each method will be provided in the invoice.

  • Alternative Financing: Clients can use Afterpay, Zip, or similar services to manage payments on their terms. They must arrange for these services to issue payment directly to Party Pack Band by the agreed due dates.

D5: Late Payments and Cancellation Fees

  • Late Payments: A grace period of 5 business days post-due date is provided for late payments, after which a late fee may be applied. The late fee structure will be specified in the contract.

  • Cancellation Fees: Should the event be canceled by the client, the cancellation fee structure outlined in the contract applies. This may include forfeiture of the deposit and, depending on the timing of cancellation, an additional percentage of the total fee.

D6: Refunds and Adjustments

  • Refunds: In the unlikely event of cancellation by Party Pack Band or inability to perform as agreed, a full refund of the deposit and any other payments will be issued to the client.

  • Adjustments: Any adjustments to the contracted services that affect the total fee will be reflected in the final invoice, with adjustments made for payments already rendered.



Overview: Schedule E specifies the policies regarding cancellation and rescheduling of events by clients of Party Pack Band. These terms are designed to protect both the interests of the band and the clients, providing clear guidelines on the financial and logistical implications of altering event plans.

E1: Cancellation by Client

  • Notice Requirements:

    • More than 6 months prior to the event: The client may cancel the booking with forfeiture of the non-refundable deposit as the sole penalty.

    • 6 to 2 months prior to the event: 50% of the total fee becomes due as a cancellation fee, in addition to the forfeiture of the non-refundable deposit.

    • Less than 2 months prior to the event: 100% of the total fee is due as a cancellation fee.

  • Notification Method: All cancellations must be communicated in writing to Party Pack Band, ensuring there is formal acknowledgment from both parties regarding the cancellation and any applicable fees.

E2: Rescheduling by Client

  • Flexibility Offered: Party Pack Band understands that unforeseen circumstances may necessitate rescheduling an event. The band offers flexibility to accommodate a new date subject to availability.

  • Rescheduling Fees:

    • If rescheduled more than 6 months prior to the original event date, a nominal administrative fee may be applied.

    • Within 6 months of the event, a rescheduling fee of 25% of the total booking fee is required to secure the new date, acknowledging the potential loss of other bookings for the band.

  • Conditions: Rescheduling is permitted once per booking. The new date must be within 12 months of the original event date. The client must agree to the new date based on the band’s availability.

E3: Cancellation by Party Pack Band

  • In the unlikely event that Party Pack Band must cancel a booking due to circumstances beyond their control (e.g., illness, force majeure), the band will:

    • Provide as much notice as possible to the client.

    • Offer to reschedule the event at no additional cost, subject to availability.

    • If rescheduling is not possible, refund any deposits and payments made by the client in full.

E4: Financial Adjustments for Cancellations and Rescheduling

  • Deposits: In case of cancellation by the client, the deposit is non-refundable and will be retained by Party Pack Band as a cancellation fee.

  • Rescheduling Adjustments: If an event is rescheduled, previously paid deposits and fees will be applied to the new booking date, with any additional rescheduling fees invoiced accordingly.

E5: Notification and Agreement

  • Written Agreement: All agreements to cancel or reschedule an event must be documented in writing, with acknowledgment from both Party Pack Band and the client.

  • Financial Settlement: Any due cancellation or rescheduling fees must be settled within 30 days of the agreement to cancel or reschedule the event.




Schedule F delineates the equipment and technical requirements necessary for Party Pack Band to deliver an optimal performance. This schedule is designed to clarify the responsibilities of both the band and the client regarding the setup and functionality of the performance space, ensuring a seamless and high-quality event experience.

F1: Band-Provided Equipment

  • Sound System: Party Pack Band will supply a professional-grade sound system suitable for the size of the venue and the expected audience count. This includes all necessary microphones, amplifiers, mixing desks, and speakers.

  • Lighting: Basic stage lighting to enhance the performance atmosphere will be provided by the band. Additional lighting needs can be accommodated upon request and may incur extra charges.

  • Instruments: The band will bring all required musical instruments, except for specific arrangements where backline equipment (such as drum kits or amplifiers) is hired locally for interstate or international events.

F2: Venue Requirements

  • Stage/Area: The client is responsible for ensuring a performance area that meets the minimum size requirements based on the band configuration (solo, duo, trio, full band) as outlined in the respective Schedule B sections.

  • Power Supply: The venue must provide at least two accessible and reliable power outlets within close proximity to the performance area.

  • Loading Access: Adequate access for loading and unloading equipment, preferably with the ability to park vehicles near the performance area, is required.

F3: Sound Check and Setup

  • Timing: Party Pack Band requires access to the venue for setup and sound check at least 2 hours prior to the event start time. The exact time will be coordinated with the client or venue manager in advance.

  • Sound Limitations: In venues with sound level restrictions, the band will work within the specified limits, ensuring compliance while delivering the best possible audio experience.

F4: Client-Provided Equipment (If Applicable)

  • Specialty Equipment: For events requiring specific technical equipment not provided by the band (e.g., projectors, screens, specialty lighting), the client is responsible for arranging and covering the cost of these items.

  • Backline Equipment Hire: For interstate or international events where the band does not transport its full equipment setup, the client is responsible for the cost and arrangement of backline equipment hire, as agreed upon in advance.

F5: Technical Rider

  • Provision: A detailed technical rider will be provided to the client or venue outlining specific equipment, setup needs, and stage layout requirements. This document is integral to ensuring the band's performance conditions are met.

  • Compliance: The client and venue agree to comply with the stipulations within the technical rider to the best of their ability, communicating any potential issues well in advance of the event date.

F6: Weather and Outdoor Events

  • Protection: For outdoor performances, the client must provide adequate protection for the band and equipment against adverse weather conditions, including but not limited to rain, excessive sun, and wind.

  • Contingency Plan: A clear contingency plan for moving the performance indoors or to a covered area in case of inclement weather is required.




Schedule G outlines the responsibilities of Party Pack Band and the client regarding legal and regulatory compliance for events. This schedule ensures that all performances adhere to applicable laws, venue regulations, and safety standards, protecting all parties involved and ensuring a smooth event execution.

G1: Licensing and Permits

  • Performance Licensing: The client is responsible for ensuring that the event venue has all necessary licenses for live music performances. This includes, but is not limited to, public performance licenses and music rights clearances.

  • Local Regulations: Both parties agree to comply with local laws and regulations applicable to the event, including noise ordinances and curfew laws.

G2: Safety and Health Regulations

  • Venue Safety: The client ensures that the event venue adheres to all relevant health and safety regulations, providing a secure environment for the performers, crew, and attendees.

  • COVID-19 Compliance: In light of ongoing health concerns, the client and Party Pack Band agree to follow any specific guidelines or restrictions related to COVID-19, including social distancing, capacity limits, and sanitation practices.

G3: Insurance

  • Band Insurance: Party Pack Band maintains public liability insurance covering injury or damage caused by the band’s performance activities. Documentation can be provided upon request.

  • Client Responsibilities: The client is advised to have event insurance covering potential liabilities and unforeseen circumstances affecting the event.

G4: Intellectual Property

  • Music Rights: Party Pack Band guarantees that its performance material either consists of original works, works in the public domain, or covers performed under appropriate music licensing. The band holds harmless the client from any claims related to music copyright infringement.

G5: Accessibility Compliance

  • Venue Accessibility: The client is responsible for ensuring the event venue complies with local accessibility laws and regulations, providing all attendees, including those with disabilities, the opportunity to participate in and enjoy the event.

G6: Fire and Safety Measures

  • Compliance: Both parties agree to adhere to fire safety regulations and guidelines as prescribed by the event venue and local fire department, including the proper use and storage of any pyrotechnics or special effects used during the performance.

G7: Alcohol and Substance Policies

  • Regulations: The client agrees to manage the service and consumption of alcohol at the event in compliance with local laws, ensuring a safe environment for all participants. The use of illegal substances is strictly prohibited at any event where Party Pack Band performs.

G8: Environmental Considerations

  • Sustainability: Party Pack Band and the client commit to making environmentally responsible choices when feasible, including waste reduction, recycling, and the use of sustainable materials in the setup and execution of the event.




Schedule H provides detailed guidelines and protocols for addressing weather-related concerns and ensuring safety at events featuring Party Pack Band. This schedule aims to preemptively manage risks associated with outdoor performances and other safety considerations, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for all participants.

H1: Weather Contingency Planning

  • Outdoor Events: For any event scheduled outdoors, the client is required to have a comprehensive weather contingency plan. This plan should detail alternative arrangements, such as moving the event indoors or to a covered area, in the case of inclement weather conditions that could impact the safety of performers, equipment, and attendees.

  • Advance Notice: The contingency plan must be communicated to Party Pack Band at least 48 hours before the event, allowing sufficient time for logistical adjustments.

H2: Equipment Protection

  • Weather-Proofing: Adequate protection for all performance equipment against adverse weather conditions (rain, excessive sun, wind, etc.) is mandatory. The client is responsible for ensuring that suitable coverings or shelters are available and set up as needed.

  • Electrical Safety: Special attention must be given to the safety of electrical equipment. All outdoor electrical connections must be weather-proofed and grounded to prevent water damage and electrical hazards.

H3: Temperature Considerations

  • Extreme Heat: On days where extreme heat is forecasted, provisions for cooling, such as shaded areas, fans, or air-conditioned spaces, must be made available for the performers.

  • Cold Weather: For events in cold conditions, adequate heating solutions should be provided to maintain a comfortable performance environment.

H4: Safety Measures

  • First Aid: The client is responsible for ensuring that first aid facilities and personnel are available on-site during the event, capable of handling minor injuries or emergencies.

  • Emergency Evacuation Plan: A clear emergency evacuation plan must be in place for the venue, with all performers and crew briefed on procedures prior to the event start.

H5: Venue Accessibility

  • Safe Access: Safe and secure access for Party Pack Band to load in/out equipment is required. This includes clear pathways free of obstructions and hazards, adequate lighting, and secured parking close to the performance area for the duration of the event.

H6: Communication Protocol

  • Weather Updates: The client agrees to provide timely updates to Party Pack Band regarding weather forecasts and conditions leading up to the event, especially if adverse weather is anticipated.

  • Safety Briefings: Prior to the event, a safety briefing will be conducted with the band, crew, and relevant venue staff to review emergency procedures and weather contingency plans.

H7: Insurance and Liability

  • Weather-Related Damages: The client is advised to ensure their event insurance policy covers weather-related damages or cancellations. Party Pack Band is not liable for performance cancellations or equipment damage caused by inadequate weather protection or failure to implement contingency plans.


Thank you for choosing Party Pack Band. We are excited to bring our music to your event and create memorable moments together.

Terms and Conditions
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